Corporate Search

Matching Talent and Opportunity

Why us? Because we distinguish ourselves in several key ways.

Quality & Speed

No surprise that these go hand-in-hand. Your success relies on the quality of your leaders and today’s talent marketplace is moving faster than ever.

When you are building your team, or replacing a critical role in your organization, you need a partner that can find you quality candidates fast! That’s Corporate Search.

We are experts at quickly identifying and qualifying prospective candidates. Our research, sourcing and state of the art recruitment tools support our commitment to finding top choices for our clients quickly. When we find a candidate with the right skills and culture fit, we present them immediately. There’s no time to waste when your needs are urgent—not to mention that candidates today can be looking at multiple opportunities. We ask our clients to be equally responsive so that together, we can secure the talent you need quickly!


In our customized world, there is no more “one size fits all.” We work with our clients using several business/pricing models and pride ourselves in our flexibility and responsiveness to client needs.

Many of our searches are pay for performance. In other words, you pay us when we deliver the candidate you hire. We also provide retained search services to meet the needs of those client searches that are more suited to a retained model. Whether it is pay for performance, retained, or a hybrid model, our service is exemplary. Our fees are competitive yet reflect the quality of our work as well as marketplace factors.

We offer great value compared to the traditional higher-priced retained search firms who just can’t be as nimble and flexible in their pricing and partnership models.

Experienced Partnership

After 30 years in the business, you can be confident that our search professionals are well versed in what you need, in how to anticipate and navigate the inevitable obstacles inherent in search, and how to make the kind of matches that define success!

Our relationships with clients and former candidates are broad and deep, and with our years in the business, we have an extensive network of professionals as part of our proprietary network.

As a boutique executive search firm, we are committed to partnership. We focus on what we do best—finding you great talent. We aren’t expanding into consulting, leadership training, executive coaching, board development or other similar areas that traditional search firms pursue. With Corporate Search, your critical talent needs won’t get lost in competing company priorities.

Our process:

What can we say? Our process rocks. But the fact is, if your search firm is not following the basics—a thorough understanding of the client company, role and culture; a laser focus on research, sourcing and candidate identification; superb candidate qualification; and great management of candidate presentation, interviewing, reference checks and offer negotiation—well, then you should leave them and come to us.

No need to lay out step by step what makes our process so unique—though call us if you really want to know; we'd be thrilled to fill you in—because here's the facts: It’s not the process itself but the way that process is executed that distinguishes us and drives success for you.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can work together.

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What others have to say about Corporate Search:

“I always enjoy working with Corporate Search (for many many years) . . . you are one of the few external recruitment partners that understands the positions you work on and interacts in a professional, ethical and friendly manner!”
     —Associate Director, HR, leading biotech firm

Corporate Search provided excellent assistance . . . in my search for a better position. I felt well prepared and confident going through the interview process . . . and could not be happier with the organization and the team that I work with.”
     —Candidate, St. Jude Medical Center

“I so appreciate your due diligence and transparency with everything. You have delivered many solid candidates and done so effortlessly (at least from our vantage point). I greatly appreciate the partnership with Corporate Search . . . I would contact you again if we had a future need—you have fans!”
     —Sr. Director of HR, emerging Pharma company